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Molding our bodies slice by slice.

without pain there is no gain.

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A place for people that SI and/or have an ED can openly talk.

Welcome to bleed_me_skinny! I set this community up for people that have an Eating Disorder or Self Injure, or both. I was always looking around for some communities that talked about both, but could never find any. For me and many others these two go hand in hand. We support any and all Eating Disorders, and any form of Self Injury. The community was set up as a safe and supportive environment for everyone to come into, and talk about things that they can’t with even their closest friends or family. There are many people out there that are going through some of the same things that you are, you are not alone in this, and we are all here to support and help. I really over mod the community, if I see any fighting or bashing going on they will be banned; I don’t take shit in here. If you have anything to talk to me about, please leave a comment ”here” and don’t worry all the comments are screened.

READ ALL OF THE RULES BEFORE YOU JOIN! PLEASE! I really don’t want to be the evil-bitch-mod-of-doom!
It’s not that hard really & I will know if you haven’t.
1} Go here and join so I know you’re interested.
2} There must be at least one public entry in your journal that I can comment on if I need to talk to you, if you don’t I will reject you, also if I’m not able to comment because its too locked up I might still reject you, it depends on how your user info looks, and if you actually took the time to fill out the applications.
3} There are 3 applications below, pick the one for you and fill it out. You will want to save it in notepad or somewhere that the codes won’t get messed up. You will need to repost it if you get in.
4} Post it here don’t worry all the comments are screened for your privacy.
5} IF YOU DON’T GET YOUR APPLACATION IN WITHIN 48 HOURS I WILL NOT APPROVE YOUR MEMBERSHIP REQUEST! And I’m not kidding, like I said I don’t mind being a bitch.
6} Answer the question: Do you sing in the shower? With “Hellz yeah!”
7}If you have Eating Disorder or think you have an Eating Disorder please look at this post so that you don’t wrongly diagnose your self. If I feel that you did, I will have to contact you and it just gets messy.
8} Spell out your damn Eating Disorder, if you really believe that you have said disorder, I would spell it out…so you don’t like an idiot, do not use the little pet names ‘ana’ or ‘mia’ as I will call you out for trying to invade my community and call you a wannabe.
9} If you are approved, please re-post your application so the other members can get to know you a little better. The codes should still be right if you saved it in notepad. Also please look here. and leave a comment for the sake of you and the other members of the community. Thank you :)
10} These are the 3 applications to choose from. Don’t go to rich text or anything, all the codes are already there, just make sure you get them all. Put your answers on the other side of the /b code! I will ask you to re do it if the questions and your answers are both bold.
{~}This is the Self Injury form{~}

{~}This is the Eating Disorder form{~}

{~} This is the Self Injury and Eating Disorder form{~}

1} If it looks like you didn’t read the rules I will have no other choice but to reject you, I will know.
2} If you are using an Eating Disorder application please do not mis-diagnose yourself. If you don’t know all of the diagnostic criteria look here.
3} If you are posting pictures please place them behind a lj-cut. This is how you do a cut.

4} Nudity IS aloud but put a warning in the cut. Also if you are putting “triggering” pictures up, they need to be under a cut with a warning.
5} Do not join if:
A. you do not already have an Eating Disorder or
B. you do not already Self Injure.
We don’t need any more fakers or wannabe’s.
6} NO promoting other communities! Maybe if you ask me nicely I will let you.
7} Do not ask for or offer ‘tips and tricks’, no advertising or trying to sell your “weight loss products” or your help. Do not sound like you are trying to teach or learn how to get an ED or how to SI. This is not a place to learn to have or perfect either.
8} Answer the question: Do you sing in the shower? With “Hellz yeah!”
9} Please don’t type like a total spaz! Perfect spelling isn’t a must; either is perfect grammar but please, none of this OMG like WTF LOLZ! Lyke I r going 2 see u all and I luv u 4eves!!1!!!!
10} Promote in your user info if you can and if you are in any communities that allow it please do it there to, also tell your friends from those communities if you can’t promote there. The more members we have the more fun it will be, and the more people have the less alone we are.
11} Oh yeah and BE ACTIVE IN HERE! BE A POST WHORE! no one likes a dead lifeless community!

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Want to be a sister? Contact lildevilgurl172

DISCLAIMER: Warning! This community might have material that is not suitable for minors!
Your lifestyle and choices are your own. No one involved with this community is promoting or asking that you alter your habits one way or the other. We are not glorifying Eating Disorders or Self Injury in any way, shapes, or form. Eating Disorders and Self Injury are serious conditions and should be addressed to your local physician as soon as possible. We do not give tips or coach people on how to start or have an Eating Disorder or to Self Injure; do not come in here looking for tips or tricks, if you do, you will be booted from the community immediately. We here at bleed_me_skinny accept no responsibility for your decisions to join and/or adhere to the program created.

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Self-Injury: You are NOT the only one.
Thursday March 1, 2008 is SI Awareness Day.

made by lildevilgurl172

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Eating disorders are a disease, not a lifestyle.
February 24 - March 1, 2008 is ED Awareness Week.

made by lildevilgurl172